Delta Dental Launches New National Oral Health Institute

Pledges To Advance Oral Health Research, Outreach, And Advocacy


Jun 19, 2019 | Press Release


WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Delta Dental, the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance covering over 78 million Americans, launched the Delta Dental Institute, a first-of-its-kind national organization dedicated to putting a new spotlight on the importance of oral health.

The Delta Dental Institute will be a national voice calling for health care, public policy, academic, and other leaders to begin placing a greater emphasis on the importance of oral health and the impact it has on overall health, and will engage in research, outreach, and advocacy to help all Americans make informed decisions about their oral health.

"For too long, oral health has been an afterthought in the nation’s broader health policy conversation," said Joseph Dill, the Delta Dental Institute's Head of Dental Science. "By focusing on rigorous research, deep community involvement, and educating policymakers, the Delta Dental Institute will help give oral health the attention it deserves. We're excited for the Delta Dental Institute to serve as a critical resource for community and civic leaders as we work together to improve the nation’s oral health."

The Delta Dental Institute, supported by Delta Dental's national network of member companies and dedicated partners, will:

⁠—Conduct, support, and promote research to help Americans make informed decisions about oral health. The Delta Dental Institute will partner with leading scientists, academic institutions, health care groups, and other organizations to explore important oral health topics and produce data-driven insights.

⁠—Shine a national spotlight on the more than $60 million being invested this year to break down barriers to oral health. The Delta Dental member companies will invest in communities across the country to improve oral health, prevent dental disease, expand access to care, and emphasize the importance of oral health as a part of overall health.

⁠—Serve as a key advocate for oral health in Washington, D.C. and across the country. The Delta Dental Institute will educate policymakers, raise awareness about the importance of oral health to overall health, and push for policy solutions to promote access to affordable oral care.

As part of its mission to help all Americans make informed decisions about their oral health, the Delta Dental Institute will pursue a substantive research agenda focused on answering important oral health-related inquiries including: How to reduce costs associated with preventable dental conditions; how to better integrate oral health into wellness programs in ways that improve overall health; how to most effectively integrate medical and dental care to achieve better health outcomes; and how to improve oral health literacy.

About the Delta Dental Institute

The Delta Dental Institute is dedicated to advancing oral health for all Americans in partnership with Delta Dental member companies and dedicated partners across the country. With expertise rooted in Delta Dental's rich history of oral health leadership, the Delta Dental Institute engages in and supports oral health research, community outreach, and advocacy, striving to ensure all Americans can have the healthy smile they deserve and live their healthiest lives. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook