Delta Dental Institute Sponsors Journal of the Hispanic Dental Association’s Workforce Issue 

As a part of its continued campaign to Drive Greater Diversity in the Oral Health Workforce, the Delta Dental Institute sponsored the Journal of the Hispanic Dental Association’s June issue, “Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities,” Volume 3, Issue 1.

The Journal of the Hispanic Dental Association (JHDA) is the only bilingual publication in the US and aims to disseminate cutting-edge research, innovative practices, and thought leadership within the dental industry, with a specific emphasis on the Hispanic community.

This latest issue explores the critical topic of the dental workforce, addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by dental professionals in today's evolving landscape.

Key areas covered include:

  1. Addressing the shortage of dental professionals in underserved Hispanic communities
  2. Strategies for attracting and retaining diverse talent in the dental field
  3. Exploring new models of dental practice and collaborative care
  4. Leveraging technology and innovation to enhance dental workforce efficiency

Featured within this issue are several spotlights on Delta Dental’s efforts to drive greater diversity in the oral health workforce, including “Unlocking the Oral Health Workforce's Power and Potential,” (p. 11-12) an article authored by our Expert Advisor, Emily Yu, and “Delta Dental is Driving Greater Diversity in the Oral Health Workforce,” (p. 39) an article authored by Delta Dental Plans Association’s President & CEO, James W. Hutchison.

The Hispanic Dental Association is one of the Delta Dental Oral Health Diversity Fund’s inaugural awardees, whose program, BOLD: Building Our Leaders in Dentistry, is a pre-dental school mentorship program designed to introduce dentistry as a career option to students and influence more underrepresented minorities to enter the profession. Outreach presentations and workshops will be geared toward Head Start, elementary school, high school, and undergraduate students.