Empowering kids through health insurance literacy

By: Andrea Miller, MPA, Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance, Delta Dental of Colorado 

Health insurance literacy, as defined by the National Library of Medicine, “is a person’s ability to seek, obtain, and understand insurance plans, and once enrolled, use their insurance plans to seek appropriate health care services.”2 Studies have shown that individuals with higher health insurance literacy were associated with greater utilization of preventive care services.3

To help improve health insurance literacy, Delta Dental of Colorado partnered with Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc. (Junior Achievement), a global nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating middle- and high-school students for future success.

Junior Achievement programs provide students with hands-on simulations. Students are immersed in reality-based decision-making processes addressing several aspects of individual and family budgeting including housing, transportation, food, utilities, health care, investments, philanthropy, and banking. This curriculum equips children from all backgrounds with the tools they need to tackle the world confidently.  

As part of the curriculum, Delta Dental of Colorado established a new store dedicated to educating students about the significance of health insurance and the wide range of careers available in the insurance and oral health professions. Students exploring the insurance store are provided foundational insurance knowledge and exposed to key terms such as “annual maximum” and “deductibles.” Additionally, students learn about health care bills, types of insurance coverage (i.e., medical, dental, and vision), the benefits of insurance, and how insurance can be purchased. This information aims to enhance students’ understanding of insurance and its role in their lives. By demystifying the complexities of insurance, students are equipped with the knowledge they need to appreciate its importance and budget for it effectively.

By supporting organizations like Junior Achievement, Delta Dental of Colorado is helping improve health insurance literacy and investing in the financial well-being of the next generation.

Click here to learn more about the Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc. program.