Delta Dental of Arizona to fund emergency care for uninsured patients

This article was originally published in Becker's Dental + DSO Review.

A Delta Dental of Arizona initiative is funding emergency dental treatment for uninsured patients who visit Phoenix-based HonorHealth emergency departments, the Glendale Star reported Feb. 14.

The dental payer donated $525,000 and partnered with Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health and HonorHealth Foundation to launch the Delta Dental of Arizona Dental Connect program.

"When an uninsured patient checks into an HonorHealth emergency room and presents with a dental emergency, facial pain or other related oral health issue, he or she will be referred to the appropriate NOAH dental staff member for care," Wendy Armendariz, CEO of NOAH, told the Star.

Within 24 hours, NOAH will set up virtual triage appointments for patients with a dentist, and schedule emergency work at one of its four local clinics, according to Ms. Armendariz. Delta Dental of Arizona will also cover transportation costs for patients in the program.

The Dental Connect program aims to reduce dental-related visits at five HonorHealth emergency departments; address the opioid crisis by managing dental issues early; boost the number of patients with a regular clinic; and improve overall oral health in the community.