The Delta Dental Institute Hosts Chicago Leaders To Discuss Comprehensive Health Care

Second event in roundtable series to raise oral health's prominence in broader health care conversations


July 24, 2019 | Press Release


CHICAGO, IL — Earlier this week, the Delta Dental Institute convened 17 local leaders in Chicago for a roundtable discussion on the current state of health care and how to increase access to comprehensive care. The attendees each brought a unique perspective from their various backgrounds in health care, technology, business, and policymaking.

John Maples, President and CEO of Delta Dental of Illinois, welcomed guests and opened the discussion by emphasizing the need for access to comprehensive health care. Maples pointed out that comprehensive health care is inclusive of oral health, and that oral health must not be left out of the nation's broader health policy conversation.

The discussion focused on local health issues in Illinois and underscored how they connect to national health policy. Throughout the discussion, Joseph Dill, the Delta Dental Institute's Head of Dental Science, pointed to the connection between oral health and mental health, challenging his peers at the table to expand the definition of comprehensive health care.

The Delta Dental Institute was pleased to be joined by Clark Stanford, Dean of the College of Dentistry at University of Illinois at Chicago. He sparked a productive discussion about how oral health can act as an indicator for a person's overall health and quality of life. He also offered some innovative policy solutions that he is working on at University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Chicago event was the second in the Delta Dental Institute's roundtable discussion series which is taking place in cities across the country to highlight the importance of oral health. The first event took place in Denver, CO, in conjunction with the launch of the Delta Dental Institute on June 19. Nashville, TN; Phoenix, AZ; and Boston, MA will each host the Delta Dental Institute for similar events throughout the year. These discussions with local leaders will inform the Delta Dental Institute's substantive research and advocacy agenda at the national level.

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